The Central New York Wrestling Officials Association will be hosting their first meeting of the upcoming season on Monday October 8th, 2018 at the Ilion Elks Club at 7pm. Anyone interested in officiating in the Mohawk Valley area of Section III should attend. The CNYWOA represents schools in Section III as far east as Dolgeville / Little Falls, as far south as Cooperstown, as far north as Adirondack and as far west as Oneida. The following is a breakdown of initial expenses to join

  • 1st Year dues - $85.00
  • Rule books - $10.00 (first year only)
  • Fingerprinting - $100 one -time fee ($50 - will be reimbursed if the prospected official returns for a second season)
  • Uniform costs - (vary)

Payments from schools and youth tournies will be discussed in the meetings to follow. Each new official has to attend a minimum of 4 training classes per year for the first two years until Active Status is achieved. These training classes will be scheduled at the conclusion of the first meeting.


If anyone is interested or requires further information please contact the following persons who will answer your questions and get all your contact information ready for the first meeting:

Thank you to all that are interested and here's to a great season of wrestling in 2016-17.


The following are definitions describing what to look for in evaluating officials on the 4 main categories on the evaluation shee


Ist and 2nd year Officials - All first and second year officials are required to attend 4‐5 training classes hosted by the vice president/trainer that focus on the rule book, mat positioning and mat presence. They are required to score 80% or better on the national test. They are required to officiate at the preseason JV tourney hosted by the CNYWOA at VVS High School each Saturday following Thanksgiving and are required to officiate for the duration and are under supervision of an active official. The first 2‐3 assignments are accompanied by an active official and are generally modified assignments. During the first two years modified, JV and youth levels are assigned with very limited Varsity in the second year if recommended by the training committees. All first and second year trainees are encouraged to attend Varsity events and assist with an active official present – primarily a member of the training committee. All first and second year officials present ratings sheets to the coaches at their assignments to be filled out, sent in and evaluated by the training committee (see attached). The training committee also observes the officials in question throughout the season. 3 of our members on the training committee are modified coaches so they see the officials often. Once the second year official has met all the training requirements and is in good standing with the board – the training committee meets and recommends whether or not an official is ready to be moved up to active status or remain in intermediate status for further review and training.


Intermediate and Active Officials Training - All officials in Active or Intermediate status past their second year and in good standing with the board are required to pass the National Federation test with a minimum score of 75%. Each official participates in the pre‐season JV tourney hosted by the CNYWOA and works at least a half day. The intermediate officials and lower ranked actives are evaluated and assisted by the training committee and higher ranked officials. Training also occurs throughout the year in board meetings, tourneys and dual meets by board members and the training committee. We have two major tourneys where the majority of the actives work and lower ranked officials are paired up with higher ranked for mat assists and training. Mat assists are encouraged throughout the year at all duals and tourneys as a training tool and not necessarily for monetary gain. We also have evaluation sheets to hand out to coaches but they are not required. We have a master evaluation sheet of all the active members that we hand out to the coaches in the CSC league and ask for a rating against each active member for purposes of ranking our members. We use this to compare to the overall Section III ratings once they come out.


Pre-Meet Duties - Arriving 45-30 mins prior to the start of the match. Proper checking of fingernails, hair, uniforms, special equipment and skin. Asking for medical notices, instructing contestants and coaches of rules, conduct of matches and sportsmanship. Conferring with scorers and timers. Making sure wrestling area is to specifications (full mats only this year)


Mat Positioning - Proper positioning at the start of match and for restarts in referees position. Out of bounds situations – near fall situations – infraction situations such as locked hands, arm bars, full nelsons, headlocks etc. Safety positioning to anticipate slams and stoppage of illegal holds.


Knowledge of Rules - Overall knowledge of rules, scoring, stoppages and infractions when situation occurs during the course of the match. Use of proper hand signals.


Mat Presence / Control - Does the official have control of the flow of the match with contestants, coaches, scorers, timers and in some cases parents and fans (Pee Wee Tourneys)? Are calls made with confidence? Does the official look and appear professional with respect to uniform? How does official react if a mistake is made? Mistakes could be in timing, scoring, calls, coach’s arguments and fans screaming. Does official second guess himself or move on and continue to control the flow of the match? This category is the most subjective to opinion by the evaluator and requires documentation in the comments section along with the circled grade.


Printable CNYWOA Referee Training Program